Small rescue chamber with large air capacity


  • Compact design
  • Safe environment
  • Easy to move
  • Low maintenance
  • Complies with applicable international guidelines
MRC is a mobile rescue chamber which, despite being relatively small in size, still offers a large amount of air. This is made possible thanks to a unique extendable cassette system for the air tubes. MRC is available in sizes intended for 4-10 people.

Features | MRC

Quickfill for smoke divers

As an option, a unique solution is offered that enables the rescue service to quickly fill the smoke divers air packages in place at the chamber, which the air capacity is sufficient.

Easy to service

Since the air tubes are located under the seat in a patented cassette system, service and accessibility are facilitated.

Easy to move

The chamber has a compact design with fork pockets and even weight distribution, which makes it easy to move.

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