Compact and stable platform


BK008 is the result of many years of development in close co-operation with the Swedish mining industry but is, of course, also suitable for any kind of inspection or maintenance work.
The Jama Platform BK008, when mounted on a Volvo wheel loader, is classified and approved by a 3rd part, MEWP.

Features | BK008

Robust and durable

The BK008 is designed for use with some of the most common wheel loaders on the market: The Volvo L70, L90 and L120. Following modification of the machine’s electronic control system and a complementary addition of an auxiliary control panel, BK008 otherwise fits directly onto the standard attachment bracket. The hydraulic functions is fully integrated with the machine and changing between different attachments is done with a wrinkle.


When the platform is disconnected the functionality of the Wheel loader is as a regular machine. This means that BK008 represents a flexible and cost effective solution where your Wheel loader with BK008 removes the need of special machinery for lifting persons.

Adaptation to requirements

Options on the BK 0008: 1000 mm hydraulic lift that increases the lifting height of the basket. The increase of the basket can be combined with lateral displacement by 500 mm in each direction. Protective roof can be selected on all models except the variant with both basket elevation and lateral displacement, as the resulting load weight will be too low.

Customer-specific requests

Jama deals with customer-specific requests to be able to develop customized solutions, based on the customer’s unique needs.

Bonus factors

Can be established in new workplaces significantly faster than other comparable products eg mobile drill units or drill units mounted on excavators.
The wheel loader can easily be used for other tasks, as the unit is easy to disconnect.
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