High precision and cost-effective


  • Precision driving in all directions
  • User-friendly
  • Increases safety and availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Low service needs
The Jama Wheelcarrier is electrically/hydraulically powered and has been developed for efficient, safe and precise handling of wheels, final drives and hubs/front strut assemblies during maintenance of large mining trucks. Thanks to the unique Mecanum wheels and a specially adapted steering, it can be operated completely freely in any direction.

Features | Wheelcarrier


The Wheelcarrier can be supplemented with various model-adapted tools designed to handle, for example, struts/final drives.

Lift/tilt/gripper arm

The welded frame is suspended on hydraulic cylinders and can be manoeuvred in all directions. The hydraulically operated gripper arm securely locks truck wheels with weights of up to 8,200 kg.


All functions are controlled by means of a wireless remote control. The handy remote control allows the operator to safely operate the machine from an optimal position.

Bonus factors

High level of technology
Can be operated remotely
New control system
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