Battery-powered for a fossil-free mine

SBU 8000E

  • Fossil-free environmental choice
  • Performance independent of operating height
  • High availability
  • Unique ergonomics
  • Smart investment
With the SBU 8000E, Jama launches the world’s first battery-powered-scraping machine. It has exactly the same characteristic properties as the market-leader SBU 8000B: productivity, safety and ergonomics. What’s more, it’s taking the mining industry into a fossil-free future.

Features | SBU 8000E

A good deal to be environmentally smart

Thanks to battery operation, the SBU 8000E is completely emission-free, which both contributes to a fossil-free mine and saves large costs for mine ventilation. As the battery is charged automatically when scaling, you never have to waste time on interruptions, but can fully focus on profitable productivity.

Safe and ergonomic

With the safety and well-being of the scaler operator in mind, the SBU 8000E has been further developed to create a driver environment that is both safe and ergonomic.

Jama Mining Machines Scaling Machine Battery Powered SBU 8000E 2
Efficiency you recognize

The battery operation of the machine has the same reliable power as the diesel scaler. It has a propulsion system that is extremely energy efficient. The utility rate is optimized and the new on-board control system has been developed for tough mining environments.

Feel good ergonomics

The working environment offered by a SBU 8000E lacks competition in the market with it’s air-sprung operator’s seat, heating system with A/C and a tiltable, floating cabin that minimizes low-frequency vibration. In other words, perfect conditions for working days that combine productivity and a pleasant experience.

Bonus factors

Increased efficiency and reliability
Superior ergonomics
Best overall economy
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