Development at the forefront of the industry


One of the most important explanations for Jama’s success over the years is their attitude towards R&D. The company management is passionate about product development and has stated their ambition that Jama will be a driving force in the work to take the entire industry forward.

It is simply considered a prerequisite for continuing to develop as a powerful and credible company. Based on this approach, it is only natural that Jama has placed so much emphasis on building a strong R&D department. The aim is to remain at the absolute forefront of the industry in the work of developing the mining machines of the future and in the improvement of existing products.

Working close to the end customer

Jama’s R&D department is characterized by its extremely close cooperation with both the end customers in the mining industry and our own production. Under the leadership of product managers, a tight and specially selected R&D team collaborates with production technicians in mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and construction.

“Practical and theoretical knowledge”

Since the R&D department is a relatively flat organization, the group needs to have an incredibly broad competence with a smart mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. Some programmers have a background as service technicians in the mining industry, while other members of the team are qualified engineers. In order to ensure that the customer’s requirements are possible to build, the R&D team is involved already in the quotation process. This is especially important as all machines are built from scratch, where the craftsmanship step-by-step ensures that the final product is of Jama quality throughout.

Develops both Jama and the industry

To be able to stay one step ahead in product development at all times, valuable input is gathered from the customer side on an ongoing basis, both through the company’s service technicians in the mines and in conversations with machine users. With the mine in focus, we ensure that the presented solutions make it easier for customers to cope with the tough challenges they face. Furthermore, Jama is regularly a valued partner in development work together with universities, suppliers and the mining industry. The goal for the R&D department is to maintain and strengthen the position that makes it possible to develop both Jama’s machines and the industry at large.


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