The trusted concrete sprayer

CSU 8000B

  • SBU 8000 chassis
  • Robust and strong
  • Telescopic function
  • Semi-automatic concrete spraying
  • High level of safety
Jama Mining Machines Concrete Sprayer CSU8000 F ver2
The CSU 8000B concrete sprayer has the same chassis and other important components and subsystems as the market-leading scaler SBU 8000B. This ensures the characteristic properties associated with Jama: safety, ergonomics and productivity. The machine has an arm system with a movement range fully adapted to current requirements for rock reinforcement. This, together with key components from leading OEMs, makes it one of the market’s foremost concrete sprayers for rock reinforcement.

Features | CSU 8000B

Boom system

The CSU 8000 has a boom system where the motion range is fully adapted for rock reinforcement and the machine is able to spray a tunnel section of more than five metres without movement.
The boom system also has automatic extension with hydraulic cylinders, horizontal and vertical swivel nozzle, with variable oscillation speed.

Hydraulic system

The system is based on load-sensing pumps, with integrated sensors to control pressure, level values and temperature as well as indication for filter change.


The lighting is well tested together with experts and the colour temperature is customized for dusty environments.

Bonus factors

New control system
Customized lighting
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