Compact and stable charging vehicles


  • Customized elevated work platform
  • Stainless steel design
  • Multiple charging lines
  • Compact design
  • Cranes of foldable boom design
Jama designs and builds charging vehicles on truck chassis. Charging vehicles can be adapted, based on the conditions of most suppliers of explosives, for horizontal (CTH) or vertical (CTV) charging.

Features | CTH/CTV

Robust and durable

The design of the CTH/CTV makes it compact and stable, providing an easy-to-operate vehicle in a mining environment. The stainless steel design of the particularly exposed parts contributes to increased service life.

Functions CTH

CTH (tunnel loader) is designed with a passenger basket with automatic regulation of basket inclination. It is specially adapted to handle the charging work in an underground mine under secured rock. The vehicle also has hydraulic winches for basket and ground loading.

Functions CTV

The characteristic functions of the CTV (pallet loader) include the telescopic folding boom and charging during electric or diesel operation. The vehicle is specially adapted to handle the working step of race charing in a mining environment under secured rock. Remote controlled boom.

Adaptation to requirements

Jama deals with customer-specific requests to be able to develop customized solutions, based on the customers unique needs.

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