Jama shows the way to a fossil-free mine


One of Jama's most important tasks are to contribute to the mining industry’s ambitions for sustainability and climate efficiency. It is the company's belief that together we need to take responsibility for driving development in a sustainable direction and Jama contributes with its expertise to achieve the goals of a fossil-free mining industry.

The ever-increasing climate demands placed on the mining industry, Jama is making strong investments in research and development, which makes it possible to offer new and better solutions from a climate perspective. Without having to compromise on factors such as safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Jama´s R&D department is at the forefront internationally in the environmentally driven development of machines for the mining industry. An excellent example of this is the vision of battery-powered mining machines, where Jama was the first in the world to launch a battery-powered and fossil-free scaling machine. SBU 8000E has been described as a pioneering insight into the future of the mining industry and a decisive step on the road to a fossil-free mine, both from a technical, environmental, and industrial perspective. In addition to eliminating emissions and reducing noise problems, the SBU 8000E contributes to better working environments in the mines and lower ventilation costs.

The battery was developed together with Epiroc and is the world´s first battery for the mining industry with certifications and compliance with CE certification, the Low Voltage Directive, the Electromagnetic Combability Directive (EMC) and the Radio Equipment Directive.

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