Robust, safe and tailor-made for scaling

JMS 7000

  • Purpose-built for scaling
  • Secure and safe driver environment
  • Compact power unit
  • High productivity
  • Long service life
Jama Mining Machines JMS 7000 Scaling Machine Powerfull Boom System 1 ver2
The Jama Mid-Size 7000 is purpose-built for scaling where each component is designed for the specific purpose. 30 years of experience and now the 6th machine generation form the basis for building safe and secure scaling machines. The scaling concept is well-proven and can withstand work in tough and demanding mining environments.

Features | Jama MID-SIZE

Long reach and powerful boom system

Despite its compact size, it has an impressive reach that provides a large work area without movement. The machine’s boom system is designed to withstand heavy loads and deflect falling rocks.

Secure and safe

The machine’s tiltable cabin is designed to the operator’s need of good visibility, vibration damping and maximum strength. The cabin’s integrated protection cage provides, together with tough safety glass, a safe environment for the operator. The cabin is, of course, both FOPS and ROPS certified.


The machine is easy to service and maintain and has central lubrication as standard. Diagnostic tools in the Operator panel facilitate troubleshooting for service personnel. Drive train based on proven components.

Bonus factors

Low weight
High availability
Electric/diesel, diesel or battery operation
Easy maintenance
Tiltable cab
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