Safe and comfortable rescue chamber


  • Air surveillance – safe environment
  • Guaranteed overpressure
  • Easy to move
  • Minimum service needs
  • Complies with applicable international guidelines
Jama’s MRC 2 is a further development of the successful MRC concept and is made entirely of stainless steel. The refuge chamber provides eight people with a secure and comfortable stay for 24 hours, continuously monitored and with alarms for abnormal air levels.

Features | MRC 2

Safe and comfortable

Persons staying in MRC 2 are offered an environment completely free from smoke and dust, with fire extinguishers both inside and outside and personal rescue equipment. Furthermore, the rescue chamber has both airlock with toilet and storage of gas cylinders, water and emergency supplies are included, dual USB sockets and multi-charge cable. MRC 2 can easily be cooled to provide a comfortable internal temperature using connected water.

Secure oxygen supply

Thanks to the new design with air purification plant, people can stay in the rescue chamber without using breathing masks. It is also possible to ventilate smoke and pollutants using compressed air.

Operation without power supply

MRC 2 is self-supporting for 24 hours in the event of a power failure, via UPS 24V, which powers everything from air purification equipment and air quality monitoring equipment, to external and internal emergency lighting and external buzzers. In addition, the rescue chamber is equipped with external reflectors, emergency lights and a sound signal.

Bonus factors

High level of technology
Can be operated remotely
New control system
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