Service and support

Spare parts, service, support

Service and support is one of our heart issues and it´s important for us that you feel safe with your Jama product.

We know that service and support is extremely crucial for you and therefore must be at the same level of quality as the products themselves. Therefore, Jama has organized a department that minimizes dowtime, regardless of whether it is a planned maintenance service, an urgent need for spare parts or a machine breakdown that needs to be remedied with the help of our service technicians.

Jamas service department
The employees in the service department are experts in Jama´s machines, with specialist expertise in both mechanics and hydraulics as well as various issues related to electronics. The combination of different competencies is made to optimally handle customers’ needs for trouble shooting, service and maintenance. Jama´s aftermarket department aims to have most spare parts in stock, in order to reduce downtime for the customer. The inventory level is measured accurately and continuously against sales, planned service according to service agreements and reported statistics.

Support and spare parts
We see the comprehensive offer that we create in service, support, and spare parts as a guarantee that we always have the same strong focus on our customers Jama machines througout their lifetime.

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