On top of the world for a reason

SBU 8000B

  • Robust brute force
  • High availability
  • Safe
  • Smart investment
  • Unique ergonomics
It is easy to understand why the SBU 8000B has been appointed the world’s best mining machine and is one of the world’s bestselling machines of its kind. It simply has properties valued by those who know best: the users in the mining industry. Safety, ergonomics and productivity are the characteristic properties that give the SBU 8000B a special position in the industry.

Features | SBU 8000B

Powerful world class

Jama’s 8000 series has been developed and refined over decades, while working closely with the actual customers who have provided input on what is required to meet the challenges of the modern mining industry. With its raw power, the SBU 8000B, is robust proof that Jama’s ability to innovate continues to take the industry forward.

Availability is everything

Every single detail of the SBU 8000B has been optimized to meet customer needs in the harsh environments that are the daily life of the mining industry. All this combines to a utilization rate that is unrivalled in the market, which is one of the factors that is crucial for efficient and profitable mining.

Safe and ergonomic

While caring for the safety and well-being of the operator, the SBU 8000B has been further developed to create a driver environment that is both safe and ergonomic.

Bonus factors

High level of technology
Can be operated remotely
New control system
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