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After Sales

Our Department of service, support and spare parts is possibly our most important. That’s the reason why we have an extra focus on it. Not that we expect problems with our products, they have, after all, the highest utilization degree on the market, but we know that their function is business-critical for our customers. Whether the case is scheduled maintenance service, breakdown, an urgent need of spare parts or support offered by our service technicians, we will do our utmost to shorten the downtimes. Our service department is of course the experts on our machines. Regardless of whether the problem involves mechanics, hydraulics or electrics and electronics, their task is to satisfy our customers’ needs for fault repair, maintenance service and production support.

In our main stock our absolute goal is to keep in stock all components that are considered as spare parts in the products we have supplied. Inventory levels are carefully measured against sales, scheduled service under service agreements and reported statistics. All in all, it is your guarantee that we maintain our focus on your machines throughout their lifetime.