Jama nominated Company of the year and also Innovation Company of the year – in Skellefteå.

We are very happy, thrilled and humble for the two nominations, among 7000 different companies in Skellefteå municipality. Thank you very much! The prizes will be awarded digitally on March the 26th, and can be followed here.

The motivation for the nomination “Company of the year”:
Jama is the locally owned company in Skelleftehamn and is dating back to the 1940s. Many years of cooperation with the mining companies in the north of Sweden have made Jama a world-leading manufacturer of special products for the international mining industry. In 2020, Jama presented the world´s first battery-powered fossil free scaling machines, which proved significantly better working environments for people in the mining industry. One detail that impresses is that as much as 70% of Jama´s machine components come from local subcontractors.

The motivation for the nomination “Innovation company of the year”:
With the help of, among other things, networking collaborations, Jama has developed a battery-powered and climate-smart mining machine that provides opportunities for everything from better working environments and reduced costs for ventilation to increased production efficiency. With the new scaling machine, Jama shows the innovative opportunities that fossil-free machines create, both in mines and other heavy industries.

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