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Boliden AB – Kristinebergsgruvan

The Kristineberg mine in Västerbotten is part of Boliden AB, with mining of copper, zinc, lead, silver, and gold down to a depth of 1,350 meters. The mine has been in use since 1940 and the ore that is mined is transported to the concentrator in Boliden.

”Jama is not afraid to try something new”

– Here in the Kristineberg mine, small-scale mining takes place where there can sometimes be both poor rock conditions and confined spaces. At Boliden, Jama’s products have been used as far back as the Basks era 70 years ago. The Kristineberg mine currently uses seven SBU 8000 (scaling machines), seven BK 008 (working platform for media), three CSUs (concrete sprayers) and two CTHs (charging vehicles). We feel that all products are well adapted to their purposes.

– As a company, Jama is not afraid to try something new and we at Boliden have had the opportunity to influence the design of the products according to our wishes. In addition, it is an advantage that Jama is close to our business, with both human contact and access to technical expertise. We have and always have had a close customer / supplier relationship, where we have been able to develop our business together.

Erik Hedström, Maintenance manager Kristinebergsgruvan

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