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Stockholms Water and Sewerage

Henriksdal’s treatment plant in Stockholm is being developed into one of the world´s most modern and a new 14 km long sewage tunnel is being drawn from Bromma. The project extends until the year 2029 and to ensure that the underground work is safe, the municipal company Stockholm Water and Waste has invested in Jama’s new generation rescue chamber MRC 2.

”The rescue chamber MRC 2 has a modern and intuitive air system”

– Since the working tunnel is over 300 meters long and you only get in and out of the tunnel from one direction it is a requirement that we have a rescue chamber. We already had an older chamber, but it was necessary for us to buy a new chamber that fully meets today´s modern requirements. The regulations state that the rescue chamber must be equipped with an air treatment system that enables normal breathing, ie that the chamber must not be equipped with a system with fresh air masks.

– Jama’s rescue chamber MRC 2, has a modern and intuitive air system, which is easy to adjust, and which directly contributes to increasing the comfort for the users. The chamber is modern, easy to get started, user-friendly and stable. In addition, it has a toilet and some necessities such as simpler groceries, but also board games, wi-fi and electrical outlets. MRC 2 has a good capacity for serval people, and it can also be powered by a battery for longer period of time.

– We feel we have made a good choice a with Jama´s rescue chamber. It feels very safe and modern and clearly meets our expectations

Joacim Anderson, BAS-U at Stockholm Water and Waste

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